Fulfill Yourself with Self-reflection and Love

You can want or need something until you're blue in the face but never seem to find fulfillment. Everyone is on their own path and it may leave you feeling lonely. Learn to find comfort in self reflection, small victories and personal drive. IT WORKS!

Everyone has a season of self-doubt, reluctance and doubt. You feel like you're whirling. That's OK. This could definitely be a learning moment. Dive in and observe how you feel then ask yourself the important questions. Why do I feel this way? Can I pull myself up? Who, besides myself can truly change the trajectory of this moment?

Reflect on your thoughts, your reasoning and your journey. Then begin to answer the questions. This process takes time but is not impossible. Learn to hear yourself and learn to decide. It is truly OK to have a moment. Tears cleanse the soul. But then you MUST decide. I CAN keep moving, I CAN rise above this low. I CAN do better. Remember you are in control of YOU. You cannot control anyone else.  Do not let anything that happens or what anyone does or says control your vibe or mood. This is imperative. Focus on your growth. This has nothing to do with right or wrong. It has everything to do with knowing and trusting who you are at the core. Decide…today. You are OK. You don't mind redirecting yourself towards the best version of you. You are mentally ready to ignore the distractions and soar. Master the complicated space of your thoughts and mind stuff. You will find peace in knowing that you and you alone have overcome the obstacles of the immovable matrix you exist in.  

Take the moment…feel the emotion. Then wipe the tears…walk the walk…pick up the pace and keep shining. Tomorrow, if promised, will clock in as unmatched! 

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