"When there's music in your soul, there's soul in your music..." ”

— Criss Jami, Healology

Introducing TheArtist


Lovely on the eyes and passion for the heart...this artist is no stranger to music world wide. Mahogany is busting the seams of  the Dallas/Ft. Worth music scene and well, she can flat out sing! Her fifth and latest project titled "WAITING" is a priceless collection of the classic Mahogany jazz , funk and soul she is known to bring! The new single "FADED" (released Oct 3, 2019) is a captivating acoustic soul stirrer that features K-pop star Justin "Guitar Slayer" Lyons and brother Danny Lyons. Once again Mahogany is giving you glimpse into her musical world of emotion and finesse. Want to hear Mahogany TheArtist live? 



From Mahogany TheArtist

Music is something that speaks to everyone... a song, a melody, a tune...it can bring so much reflection. I aim to create a doorway for listeners to not just hear the music, but relate to its story and the emotion that it brings.... good or bad. It can be quite fulfilling; if you just let it be.”

— ~Mahogany TheArtist


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