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Check out Mahogany's latest posts! She will share her updates on her music and her story!

This week with Mahogany 

Hey everyone! This Tuesday Oct 2 catch me at Eddie V's, then Wednesday Oct 3 - It's My Birthday!!! Tune in to JAZZ FUSION 411 with Mahogany on Oct 4 it's Ladies Night and we will be live at Blazing Jazz Lounge Presented by Astute Gentleman. A week f the MOST fun! See you there 

Jazz Fusion 411 with Mahogany is NOW ON THE AIR! 

I'm excited to announce that radio show has commences! PLEASE tune into JAZZ FUSION 411 with Mahogany every Wednesday 7pm-9pm Central Standard Time!! ARTISTS! Send me your music! Band Directors...send me your schedules...names of your students doing awesome things! Tell me when you are playing next and where! ANY COUNTRY..ANYTIME...ANYTIME...ANYPLACE,,,We want the JAZZ to thrive! Why? JAZZ BECUZZ!

Greetings from Mahogany 

Hey! I am so excited to have you here at my site. I am planning some amazing thing this fall! The Single "NOT OVER YOU" drops July 31, the EP drops Aug 24 and....drumroll please...YES Shaun Martin and I are FINALLY finishing theeeee project! (you know THEEE one) It's SO MUCH FUN! I just came back off a short run with the Shaun Martin Go-GO band and we had a BLAST! You are going to have a good time with this music! Lastly, check me out beginning Aug 15 on 411Radio! I'll hosting a new Jazz show Wednesdays 7-9pm! Stay tunes for more!!! 

Latest Track

COMING SOON! July 31 ,2018 the single will drop!!!


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