COVID-19 - WOW! ...


THIS HAS BEEN TRULY A TRIP! I PRAY EVERYONE IS STAYING WELL AND SAFE! If you get a chance, please visit! There are resources listed that can keep you informed! Jazz BeCuzz is also ordering masks and equipment for those in need! If you would like to give, the site can allow that opportunity!

Mean while...

I will be sharing my music Monday to keep you guys in touch while in the house! And please tune in to Jazz Fusion 411 with Mahogany on as I share my favorite artist with you! and....I am back to TRACKING YA'LL. Yes and I am SO excited. So while I am cooped up, I will be producing some new music!

Please keep artistic in your prayers! Many of us are not working until who knows when but we want to keep in touch with you, our fans and friends!!


Much love, Mahogany

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